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   A highly experienced embedded systems engineer and manager with extensive expertise in industrial grade electronics, power, control systems, real‑time computing, and product architecture.  




I seek comprehensive up-front consultation with stakeholders to determine true needs, composing into simple, comprehensive requirements, which I later verify against.  My design decisions are well-documented and readily verified, with clear and comprehensive notes.  I know my skills, seeking other subject matter experts’ involvement where appropriate.  I encourage and support others – coaching, mentoring, and learning from other professionals.

Technical Expertise

Employment & Accomplishments

Senior Engineer at ERLPhase Power Technologies – Winnipeg, Manitoba    2018

ERLPhase manufactures protective relays and disturbance recorders for power utilities.

Key Responsibilities

Provide experienced product development resource where existing resources were fully utilized.

Significant Achievements

Senior Engineer at GE Energy Connections DIT – Phoenix, Arizona    2013 – 2017

GE’s Digital Instrument Transformers manufactures digital fiber optic current sensors for high voltage transmission lines.

Key Responsibilities

Perform product development.  Provide experienced viewpoint on development process and management approach.

Significant Achievements

Senior Engineer at ERLPhase Power Technologies – Winnipeg, Manitoba    2013

Key Responsibilities

Provide guidance, mentorship, and direct assistance to an India-based team in development of protective relays.

Significant Achievements

Lead Hardware Engineer at GE Multilin – Markham, Ontario    2011 – 2012

GE Multilin is a leading supplier of protective relays for industrial, distribution, and transmission applications.

Key Responsibilities

Responsible for the electronics development team for the URPlus protective relay platform.

Significant Achievements

Senior Engineer at ERLPhase Power Technologies – Winnipeg, Manitoba 2010 – 2011

Key Responsibilities

Provide support to a less experienced team.  Perform design for rapidly expanding family of products.  Provide expert analog electronics support to digital electronics personnel.

Significant Achievements

Product Development Manager at Norscan Instruments Ltd. – Winnipeg, Manitoba 2007 – 2010

Norscan Instruments develops and manufactures monitoring systems for buried and overhead communications cables.

Key Responsibilities

Supervised product development process, personnel, and resources.  Performed lead role in design review process.  Defined policies for all aspects of product development and production test.  Was senior architect for all designs, managed the most challenging issues, lead resource for product management.

Significant Achievements

Education and Training

Other Interests and Skills