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June 6th to 8th, 2014

Riding Mountain Conference Centre (Camp Wannacumbac) - Clear Lake, Manitoba

LEGACY: Past, Present and Future with Rev Jason L. Moffat

Recently added to the Stanford “Who’s Who of Premier Professionals” – as a result of his work in the field of counseling services, Rev. Jason Moffat works in various ministerial roles in Saskatchewan, including his full-time position with World Vision Canada as the Regional Church Advisor to the province.  

The Moffats: Ashley Lydia, Anna, Jason, Micah

He enjoys directing the worship ministry at his home church in Saskatoon and is passionate about preaching the Gospel at home and across Saskatchewan, Canada and abroad.  As a past time, Jason enjoys sharing insights on:  Fatherhood, Stewardship, Leadership, Global issues and much more at his web site.

Jason is a man of integrity, focusing his efforts on mentoring teens and 20-somethings as well as advocating for the poor and the outcast.

He is responsible for the regional implementation and execution of the World Vision Canada national fundraising campaigns including the Gift Catalogue, Child Sponsorship, and Global Partnerships. As a Father, his website recently described how the gift of children and family time reminded him to cherish the wonderful and precious gifts he has received.

Come out to Church Men's Camp as Jason leads us in exploring how "Legacy: Past, Present, and Future" impacts our lives and the lives around us.  A challenge to become an ongoing part of the "great cloud of witnesses" who were honoured in Hebrews chapter 11.  And an encouragement to live a life that truly impacts your generation - inspiring others to follow you as you follow Christ."

Saturday Evening Entertainment:

Two Guys from Winnipeg, the Dynamic duo – Lee Turner and Joe Davis! With Monumental Historic Musical Knowledge, Lee and Joe will bring their best talents, and strong memory of “Legacy Musical Memory” to entertain on Saturday Evening. Jokingly they say their Musical Memory is ancient, because they lived it!

Why go to Churchmen’s Camp?

I am often asked, why go to Churchmen’s Camp? I am never at a loss for words, however, one thing that really stands out in my mind, is the honor of being in the presence of True men of God.

Not the professionals, the educated or the pretentious ones, but those men that just get out there and do the LORD’s work.

I am inspired by every man I meet at Men’s Camp. Come out to Camp and meet these men of God. I’ll see you there!

James Douglas - Chair

Riding Mountain Conference of Churchmen

Why not invite other men of faith to share this special weekend of worship and fellowship? Invite your friends!

To Register

Please fill out the form below,

and mail with pre-registration deposit of $10, or full amount of $120, to:

Men’s Camp

c/o Herman Klassen

Box 1541

Minnedosa, MB R0J 1E0

Other Important Info

Please remember to bring:

Bible, sleeping bag, pillow, toiletries…

A freewill offering is taken during the Sunday morning service. The offering is donated to a charity chosen by camp attendees.

Please make cheques payable to "Riding Mountain Conference of Churchmen"

Balance of registration, if any, paid at camp.

We need to make arrangements with the camp regarding cabins and food. Please let us know at least 2 weeks prior to camp, if you plan to attend!

If the form below is missing, contact Herman by telephone at (204)-867-3701 or E mail at

To Get There...

Take highway #10 to Onanole, turn west onto PR # 354. The road will come to a "T". Turn right and continue to follow PR # 354 as it continues north. Just before PR# 354 curves to the west again, turn right and follow the signs.

It should take about 10 minutes to reach camp from Onanole.

Camp Wannacumbac Contact Info

Riding Mountain Conference Centre

        P.O. Box 125

        Onanole, MB

        R0J 1N0

Phone: (204)-848-2380




Registration Form - Please Print

Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________


Postal Code: __________________________ Telephone: _____________________________

Check if required: Cabin Accommodation _________ RV Parking __________

Financial assistance is available from Continuation Fund – I would like to apply ________


For more information, contact:

James Douglas
Call (204)-794-7940
E-mail James.Douglas @

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